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Indian Customers Visited Our Company
AddTime:2013-8-2 18:53:49  Author:管理员  From:本站  Hits:2218

The Indian customers Mr.ARCHI and his colleagues visited our company on July 31st. Our general manager Mr.Wang shuyong and the marketing department overseas group members of the marketing department gave them a warm reception. Our general manager Mr.Wang made a detailed introduction about our product performance,production capacity,technical equipments, and answered the related technical problems of our products and system. Mr.ARCHI gave full affirmation to our company's strength and expressed the cooperation intention with us. Then,we invited Mr.ARCHI and his colleagues to our new factory in Zhanhua,and showed them our workshop,warehouse,and research laboratory. The company's production scale and research ability got the customers’ recognition and praise. Mr.ARCHI’s visit laid a good foundation for the future cooperation, and looked forward the further cooperation with us.



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