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Research on hydrophobic polymer film forming agents, intercalated graphite shielding agents, and lubricants for high-density drilling fluids.



The Latest Achievements in Scientific Research
Some Projects of Oilfield Chemical Engineering Center

Optimized and fast drilling technology pilot test of Qiaodong oilfield

Study on anti calcium salt drilling fluid system of Turkmenistan area

Test and Research on the improvement of aluminum and amine drilling fluid

Ultra high density organic salt drilling fluid technology research

Wellbore stability technology research and application of Shahe Jie formation

Study of marine deep double protection drilling fluid technology

Analysis of physicochemical properties of mineral components and shale of Jiuquan basin Yinger depression formation

Wellbore stability technology research and application of Shengli oilfield

Deep water base mud shale stabilizer

Shale anti collapse mechanism and analysis of countermeasures of Shengli oilfield Shasan

Study on deep drilling fluid technology

Development and application of deep water base mud shale stabilizer K-AHM

Research on the mechanism and Countermeasures of collapse of shale of Dagang oilfield Gangdong area Shahe Jie formation

Biodegradable synthesis and mechanism of drilling fluid additives research

High density salt and calcium resistance leak plugging drilling fluid technology research of Kelasu area



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