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Dubai Merchants Visited Our Company to Negotiate Cooperation
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    Dubai merchants, Balwinder Arora and Joy Zhang, came to our company for technical communication and business negotiation on September 28th. Mr.Wang Shuyong, the general manager of our company, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Balwinder Arora and Joy Zhang. Mr.Sun Weidong, the deputy general manager, and marketing department staff gave a warm reception. Both sides listened to the company report from marketing department. Our general manager Mr.Wang made a detailed introduction about company’s production equipment scale and capabilities, scientific research and technical equipment, and answered the technical consultation about products for the customer. Mr.Wang hoped that both sides will deepen understanding, close cooperation. Balwinder Arora said our company’s strength is strong,  and hoped to cooperate with us very much and there will be a large market space.
    Then Balwinder Arora and Joy Zhang, accompanied by the leadership of our company, visited the new factory of Zhanhua, in Binzhou. Mr.Li Liqi, the deputy general manager, introduced the equipment and production situation of the new factory in Zhanhua to the customers. The customers gave a high evaluation to automated production lines, the scale of production and processing technology of the new factory. They hoped the two sides will cooperate closely, give full play to the advantages of both parties and sincerely invite the leaders of our company to visite to Dubai. Both sides also initially confirmed the cooperation intention of the next stage.



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