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DSY Made Significant breakthrough In The Research of Viscosifier for High-temperature and Solid-free Drilling and Completion Fluids
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Through unremitting exploration and in-depth research on the mechanism of action and molecular structure optimization of high-temperature polymer viscosifier, DSY has recently developed a viscosifier for high-temperature and solid-free drilling and completion fluids. This product has excellent temperature resistance, salt resistance, viscosity increasing and filtration reducing performance. The viscosity retention rate of the solid-free drilling fluid and completion fluid prepared with it after 180 ℃/16h hot rolling is over 80%, and the HTHP filtration control property is outstanding; This product has good compatibility and can be formulated with various monovalent and divalent inorganic salts and organic salts to form solid-free drilling and completion fluids of different density. The suspension stability of the systems are good, and limestone powder and barite can be used for weighting to meet the needs of high-density drilling and completion fluids in ultra deep and high-pressure wells.

This product is an ideal additive for preparing high-temperature and solid-free drilling and completion fluid systems.

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