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Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Leaders Inspected Our Company
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Sinopec Shengli oilfield leaders inspected our company on Dec 16th and 17th,Our general manager Mr.Wang shuyong made instructions at the meeting before inspection, required all departments prepared in strict accordance with the Sinopec supplier evaluation standard, the company quality management system certification requirements , to meet the inspection with the highest standards.
Sinopec Shengli oilfield leaders inspected our research institute on Dec 16th, Our general manager Mr.Wang made a detailed introduction about our product performance, production capacity, technical equipments, and answered the related technical problems of our products and system. The leaders gave full affirmation to our company's strength and expressed deep interest and appreciation for the construction of enterprise culture, expressed appreciation to our company for  providing quality products and services over the past decade.
The leaders inspected our the new factory in Zhanhua in accompanied by our general manager Mr.Wang , Mr.Wang introduced the equipment and production situation of the new factory in Zhanhua to the leaders. The leaders gave a high evaluation to automated production lines, the scale of production and processing technology of the new factory. They all recognized our new factory is first-class producer in both production scale and the degree of automation in drilling auxiliaries.And they expressed highly praise after the inspection.
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